KYOCERA Precision Tools

PR005S / PR015S

High Speed Aerospace Grades for Heat-Resistant Alloy

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For an Industry that Demands Perfection

Maximize cycle time with stable and consistent new turning grades for heat-resistant alloy

  • FTP InsertSG Chipbreaker Insert for General Purpose Roughing
PR005S/PR015S Inserts

New SX Chipbreaker Design

Gain maximum roughing effiency with decreased edge temperature for long tool life. The SX chipbreaker also resists edge build-up and suppresses burr formation for greater depths of cut.

Newly Developed Substrate Reduces Sudden Fracture and Notch Wear

Resists heat concentration at the cutting edge to promote stable machining

PR005S : Hard, Wear-resistant Grade for High-speed Machining

PR015S : General Purpose Grade with Excellent Wear Resistance and Stability

Fracture Resistance Comparison Application Map

Cutting Conditions: Vc = 80 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.039", f = 0.004 ipr, Wet, CNMG432, Workpiece: Nickel-based Superalloy Cylindrical Workpiece with 1 Flat Face

Improved Wear Resistance with MEGACOAT HARD Coating

Excellent wear resistance with high-hardness resists boundary damage with improved thermal properties

Coating Film Property Map Wear Resistance Comparison

Cutting Conditions: Vc = 200 sfm, D.O.C. = 0.039", f = 0.008 ipr, Wet, CNMG432, workpiece: Nickel-based Superalloy

New Chipbreaker Designs Improve Machining Stability

Resists heat concentration at the cutting edge to promote stable machining

SQ Chipbreaker Features SX Chipbreaker Features

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