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DRA Magic Drill

High Efficiency Modular Drill

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Let's make some magic...

Perfect holes every time with excellent hole accuracy
and a low cutting force design.

  • New 12D sizes and chamfering attachment added
DRA Image


Designed for optimal web thickness, the DRA Magic Drill limits deflection and finely breaks chips for smooth deep hole cutting that creates clean, round holes every time.

Low Cutting Force Design Improves Hole Accuracy

The special chisel edge with S-curve reduces thrust force and controls vibration.

Cutting Edge Low Cutting Force Comparison

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 390sfm, f = 0.010ipr, Drilling Diameter ∅0.551", Drilling Depth 1.772", Wet

Optimal Web Thickness Limits Deflection

The hole accuracy is improved by controlling drill deflection with a 20% thicker web compared with Competitor A.

Cutting Edge Low Cutting Force Comparison

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 390sfm, f = 0.012ipr Drilling Diameter ∅0.551", Measurement Position 2.165", Wet Workpiece : 1049 Steel

Fine Chip Breaking Even in Deep Hole Drilling Applications

Support Groove with Wider Flute (5D, 8D) Enables Smooth Chip Evacuation

Chip Comparison Support Groove

Cutting Conditions : Vc = 200sfm, f = 0.008ipr, Drilling Diameter ∅0.551", Drilling Depth 2.756", Wet, Workpiece : 304 Stainless Steel

Easy Insert Replacement

Replace Insert Without Removing Screw

Insert Replacement Step 1
Replace insert without removing screw

Insert Replacement Step 2
Install the insert onto toolholder
(Align insert guide line with screw position)

Insert Replacement Step 3
Fix the insert by tightening the screw


MEGACOAT NANO Grade PR1535 for stable machining of steel and stainless steel applications

23% Improved Fracture Toughness

An increase in cobalt content yields a substrate with greater toughness. Fracture toughness values are improved by 23% over previous grades.

Stability Improvement

The coarse grain structure and uniform particle size correspond to improved heat resistance, with conductivity values decreased by 11%. The uniform structure also reduces crack propagation.

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