KYOCERA Precision Tools

KPK Series

High-Performance Cut-Off Solutions

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Long Tool Life and Stable Machining

New insert, blade, and tool block designs for rigid, safe, and secure cut-off operations


JCT-Series Jet Coolant-Through Styles

JCT series supports internal coolant for improved tool life under normal pressure. Coolant is supplied directly to the rake and the flank face of the cutting edge for increased tool life and improved chip control.

Easy Insert Replacement

Self-clamping inserts with no hammer or screw required

Reduce down time with faster insert replacements

Turn wrench slightly to release insert

Easy KPK Insert Replacement

Firm Insert Clamp Ensures Added Safety and Security

The firmly secured insert uses three contact surfaces to eliminate sliding or chattering

KPK Insert Clamp Diagram Insert Deviation Comparison

Unique Chipbreaker Designs for Long Tool Life and Stable Machining

Advanced chipbreaker technology inherited from KGD lineup provides excellent chip control

PM Chipbreaker - General Purpose PH Chipbreaker - Tough Edge for High-feed machinng

Rigid Tool Holder Block Prevents Chattering and Provides Internal Coolant

Firm clamping power and durable performance with the KPKTB-JCT

KPKTB-JCT Chatter Resistance Comparison

Cutting Conditions : n = 650 RPM (Constant), Vc = ~330sfm, f = 0.005 ipr, Wet
(Internal Coolant: Normal Pressure), Workpiece : 4137 (ΓΈ1.969"), Cutting Width: 0.118" (3mm), PM Chipbreaker

KPK-Series Display

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