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Image: Indexable Drilling

Indexable Drilling

DRC Magic Drill

DRC Magic Drill

High Efficiency Modular Drill

Diameters of 0.3125"-0.8264" (7.94mm-20.99mm) and machining depths of 3xD, 5xD, and 8xD.

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  • Self-Clamping Design
    The clamp rigidity and resistance of the DRC Magic Drill's self-clamping method has significantly improved with the new design analysis and material technology. Easy replacement is possible on the machine.
  • Self-Centering Design
    The S-curve top shape geometry of the insert known as the “Self-Centering design” enables smooth drilling, lowers cutting forces and produces a high quality surface finish.
  • Multiple Helical Angle Flute
    Provides superior drill body stiffness and chip evacuation.
  • Direct Cooling Design
    The coolant is fed directly into the inserts cutting face, cooling the top of the drill and preventing chip adhesion, which allows for quick and smooth chip evacuation.

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