KYOCERA Precision Tools

Image: Indexable CA5-Series Image: Indexable CA5-Series Image: Indexable CA5-Series

Indexable Turning Grades



CVD Coated Carbide for Steel

Kyocera's CA5-Series utilize a high adhesion strength coating layer with an ultra-fine interface. Long tool life and stable machining with 40% improved adhesion strength.

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  • P


  • Smooth & Flat Surface Reduces Cutting Forces
    Sharp cutting and stable machining with a smooth, flat surface preventing sudden breakage caused by material welding onto the cutting edge
  • High Hardness & Toughness
    Special crystal control technology and long tool life with high aspect ratio of
  • CA510
    High speed and long tool life
  • CA515
    Continuous to light interrupted machining
  • CA525
    General use
  • CA530
    Heavy interrupted and high feed rate machining
  • PG ChipbreakerNew
  • PP ChipbreakerNew

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