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DRV Magic Drill

25% OFF
Purchase of a DRV Magic Drill Body and at least 10 Compatible Inboard Inserts and 10 Compatible Outboard Inserts

High-Efficiency and High-Speed Indexable Drills

  • 2xD to 6xD drilling lineup with 4 chipbreakers for various machining applications
  • High speed and highly efficient machining with the combination of a CVD outer insert and PVD inner insert
  • Excellent hole accuracy with a highly rigid design for better chatter resistance
  • Expanded lineup from ⌀0.500" ~ ⌀2.000"
Promo Code: DRV25

50% OFF
Purchase of an M-THREE (MEV) Milling Cutter and 10 or more Compatible TOMT Inserts

Multi-Functional Milling Series

  • The next generation of high-performance, economical, multi-functional milling cutters
  • New triangular insert designs for lower cutting forces, higher rigidity, and excellent chatter resistance
  • Wide variety of applications from slotting, helical milling, and shouldering, to ramping, facing and pocketing
Promo Code: MEV50

50% OFF
Purchase of a KTKF Jet Coolant-Through (JCT) Cut-Off Holder and 10 or more Compatible Inserts in Grades PR1725 or PR1535

Jet Coolant-Through Cut-Off Holders

  • The KTKF-JCT discharges coolant in two directions toward rake surface of insert and breaks chips into small pieces
  • Coolant is also directed from the flank face of the insert to supply an ample amount of coolant to the tool edge area to help further suppress insert wear
Promo Code: JCT50
Swiss JCT

50% OFF
Purchase of a Swiss Jet Coolant-Through (JCT) Turning Holder and 10 or more Compatible Inserts in Grades PR1725, PR1705, or PR1535

Jet Coolant-Through Turning for Small Parts Machining

  • Double coolant hole design delivers an ample supply of coolant to the cutting edge with excellent chip control and longer tool life
  • Available in SCLC, SDJC, SVJB and SVJP styles for CC.., DC.., VB.., and VP.. insert geometries
Promo Code: JCT50

FREE Ceramic Knife

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FREE Ceramic Knife with Each Test Report SubmittedSubmit a Test Report and we'll send you one of Kyocera's popular ceramic paring knives FREE!

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